Mom promised she'd let me know when she finally watched it
  1. The heads up
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  2. The Shaye Simms shout-out
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    She's a really nice friend of the family. But you definitely don't take a selfie with her when your wife goes missing.
  3. The "two knives" reference
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    This is shorthand for an inside joke we have. "Two knives in a tree" is Mom-speak "Do not fuck with me or I will fucking hunt you by lying in wait in a tree with two knives. You won't know you're dead til you see the blood spurting from your throat onto your shoes."
  4. The turning point
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  5. The love fest
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  6. The monologue
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    At some point my mom starts texting Amy's monologue and I text her back the next lines from memory... This went on for awhile.