1. Ethan Hunt uses "The Internet"
    It was a different time. A time when the Internet was scary and unknowable. Ethan uses it to track down arms dealer "Max". How? you ask? Oh by making up email addresses with no domain name and sending them out with a bible verse in different languages. Internet: 1 Robert Towne: 0
  2. Robert Towne wrote it
    Look. If you did remember that, it's fine.
  3. Jon Voight is supposed to be married to Emmanuelle Béart
    Age difference, the language barrier and her shocking resemblance to Angelina Jolie not withstanding... Wait. Yeah. That's enough to make it weird.
  4. The "Aquarium" Restaurant
    You probably remember the aquarium bursting during Ethan Hunt's escape from being framed by IMF. What you might not remember is that the entire goddamn restaurant is made out of aquariums just in case a spy might wanna blow it the fuck up.
  5. This is the only film in the franchise DePalma directed
    Unlike other prestigious filmmakers who stuck to their franchises like a tick buries itself into a golden retriever (I'm looking at you, Soderbergh!), DePalma peaced the fuck out after one.
  6. The "Langley Break-In" has no score
    That's right. The film's major set piece has NO music during it.
  7. Emilio Estevez is in it.
    For about 2 minutes. But still. He's in the movie and you're all "What the what?!? Is that Emilio Estevez?"
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  8. The movie ends with a Cranberries song
    Suggested by @hellomattspicer