Ok, so let me start off by saying that ideally, I'd like to have the power to have ALL powers and to summon/control them whenever I want. (That should cover all my bases to be able to do whatever I want. Forever.) But focusing on specifics, this list is of my top most wanted powers.
  1. The power to heal.
    I've thought of this power a lot. First detail to mention- I can heal more than 1 person at once, without it negatively impacting me. (I need to be healthy myself- duh!) Next detail to mention- I'd have to stay "undercover" without recognition of what I can do. I'm sure eventually, doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies would want me dead, so yeah- gotta stay invisible.
  2. The power to speak & read all languages... in all the universes... past, present, and future.
    How great would it be to be able to communicate with anyone around the world and outer space!?! I'd be the best translator of all time. Lol!
  3. The power to communicate with animals.
    Yup- just like Dr. Doolittle!
  4. The power to teleport.
    Travel made easy? Yes please! I'd spend every week of my life in a different part of the world! Haha! Details worth mentioning- every time I teleport, I can do it with a suitcase and 1 other person. This way I can bring family/friends along AND I can buy as many souvenirs as I want by bringing them back to my house the same day I bought them. Lol!
  5. The power to win the lottery and then make the money limitless.
    I know what you're thinking- "Money? Really?!" YES. You need money to be able to do a lot of things in this world. With a limitless amount of money, I'd not only fulfill my own dreams, but I'd also significantly help A LOT of people. With that said, here are the details: I'd make sure to win a jackpot of $350 million + and then have the money magically regenerate every time I spend it. (Without causing suspicions, of course! Haha!)
  6. The power to be immortal.
    Life is so damn short & I'm afraid of growing old. I'd love to be able to experience more & see what the future brings, especially with technology. Note- I'd be immortal like a vampire, where I don't grow old & always regenerate my health, minus the blood sucking. 😜 (Hubby has said he'd want to be immortal with me and if our families want to join us, then even better!) Another note- it'd be in a world of other immortals, where I don't have to constantly change my identity to avoid issues.
  7. The power to tell if someone is guilty or not.
    Whether someone is being accused of a little lie or of murder, I'd love to be able to tell if they're innocent or guilty. I'd help out in courts and prisons. Could you imagine not needing long, drawn out court cases with jurors? And eliminating all doubt about prisoners who may have been wrongly accused?