My Favorite Things

🎵 "These are a few of my faaaavor-it thiiiiings!" 🎵
    If you couldn't already tell by my Instagram account "mcmkitty", I LOVE Hello Kitty. I've loved her almost my whole life and have been collecting her for many years. She is my ultimate obsession.
  2. CATS
    I'm a cat lover! I'm actually an animal lover (I kinda love animals more than humans- haha!), but cats are my favorite animal. I had a beautiful white Turkish Angora for 14 years (during my teenage years to my early 20's) and now I have 2 beautiful black cats (10 years old) who are brother and sister, Neo & Leila. 😌 (They make regular appearances on my "mrsmonikitty" Instagram account- hehe!) By the way, can you guess who's my favorite (fictional) cat? Hehe! Hint: HELLO KITTY! 😜
    So, speaking of cats, I have a slight obsession with Lucky Cats. I love Asian culture and Lucky Cats are one of my favorite aspects of it. I have a small collection of Lucky Cats and try to buy a new one every time I visit local China towns. And, of course, my favorite kind of lucky cat is a...
  4. ... Hello Kitty Lucky Cat! 😜
    I've loved gumball machines since I was a kid. I have a small collection of them, in various sizes and versions, including a gumball machine purse and necklace by Betsey Johnson. I mostly love the classic shape, but unique ones are cool too...
  6. ... especially in the Hello Kitty shape! 😜
    I absolutely love fairies! As you may have guessed, I also have a small collection of fairy figurines. They're truly the most beautiful aspect of any fantasy world! And you know what?...
  8. ... a Hello Kitty fairy is even more awesome! 😜
    I mean, who doesn't love rainbows, right? Rainbows are truly one of nature's most amazing wonders. Rainbows are awesome. I love rainbows! 🌈
  10. MAKEUP
    I've always loved buying and playing with makeup. I like to think of myself as a well balanced girly girl because I NEVER leave the house without makeup on, but I also don't wear a full face of makeup to the gym. When it comes to the makeup itself, I'm a complete sucker for packaging. If a particular item is too pretty to use, I simply don't use it. Or I buy a duplicate to use. Because of this, I've become quite a makeup collector AND hoarder. Lol!
  11. ... and of course, makeup that is Hello Kitty branded is one of those squeal-worthy, heart-attack-inducing things in my life. My head pops right off from the excitement of getting my paws on them. Lol!
  12. Anything sparkly, glittery, or blinged out!
    If I could bathe in glitter, I would. If I could bling out every single item in my house, I would. Hell, if I could gain the ability to sparkle in the sun like the freaken Twilight vampires, I would! Give me the option between something normal and something sparkly, I will ALWAYS choose sparkle. Lol! What can I say? I'm just one of those sparkle freaks. Haha! 💍👑💎🌟
    I may be a girly girl, but I LOVE scary movies. I'm always forcing my husband to watch them with me, but I will gladly watch a scary movie by myself, completely in the dark. And I don't watch them to get scared (i.e. sit under the covers like a little wuss). I watch them because I get excited and love the thrill. Hell, I've had some of my best nights of sleep after watching a scary movie. Lol!
    I 💜 purple! Every shade and tone of it! It's been my favorite color since I was a kid.