You may have noticed that I'm an Instagram junkie (hence the multiple handles in my bio section). So here's a list of my 4 (yes four!) accounts. 😁
  1. Static
    This is my 1st main account, where I post daily pics of my own Hello Kitty collection. It's 100% original Hello Kitty posts. (i.e. my own photos, with very rare reposts.) 😻
  2. Static
    This is my 2nd main account (more personal), where I post about my 3 furrybabies, some Hello Kitty, makeup & other obsessions, and daily cute life. 😍
  3. Static
    This is where I post special & unique sightings of Hello Kitty. I created the account to capture all those fun moments where Hello Kitty pops up where you least expect her- like on a random TV show or movie. I also repost a lot of fun sightings that other IG users have tagged with #HelloKitty or #iSpyHelloKitty 😄
  4. Static
    I haven't posted too much on this account since I started it more than a year ago, but it's meant for all the pretty purple things in my life. 💜