I love this list idea! 👍🏼 Inspired by @Nicholas and @hailey 😁
  1. The amount (in weight) I've eaten of Chick-Fil-A food and candy.
  2. The proximity my husband and I have had to each other from the day I was born to the day we met.
    Since we've both lived in Northern Virginia our entire lives, it'd be cool to see if we were ever close enough to accidentally meet before we actually did. 💑
  3. Despite it being on my A Hello Kitty Collector's Problems list, I actually would like to know exactly how much money I've spent in acquiring my Hello Kitty collection.
    Including the items I no longer have.
  4. The amount of tears I've shed - crying vs. laughing.
  5. The amount of times my pets have dreamt of me.
    I mean, hopefully they dream of me. They have to, right? I am the center of their universe, after all! Lol!
  6. The number of people I've interacted with since the day I was born (both physically and digitally).
  7. All the movies I've ever watched, ranked by play count.
  8. All the songs I've ever listened to, ranked by play count.
  9. The amount of the earth's surface (in percentage) I have walked on or touched.
  10. Since makeup is another one of My Favorite Things, I wouldn't mind knowing the total amount of money I've spent on every single makeup item I've ever purchased.
  11. The location of every item I've ever donated.
    Particularly thinking of some Hello Kitty items I wish I had never donated in the first place. Haha!
  12. The amount of times I've dreamt of losing my teeth.
    It's been a recurring nightmare since I was a kid. 😐
  13. The number of strangers I've been in the presence of and whether or not it connects me to any celebrities or famous people.
    You know- that whole 6 degrees of separation thing. 😀
  14. Total hours spent watching movies vs. watching TV.
    I do both way too much. Lol!
  15. Total amount of money I've ever received (in jobs, gifts, tooth fairy, etc.)
  16. Amount of doppelgängers I have (if any) and where they're located (country).