The Weirdest "Hello Kitty" App I've Ever Seen! 😂

This is, by far, the strangest Hello Kitty app I've ever come across in the App Store (in 2015). It doesn't seem to exist anymore (or has been changed to not look like Hello Kitty) because of the obvious copyright infringement. Glad I captured all these screenshots to be able to relive the craziness in all its glory. Lol!
  1. Welcome to "Cat Ear Surgery", a game where you have to clean Hello Kitty's ear from the nastiest ear infection! 😳
  2. Look how gross the inside of her ear is! Ewwwww! 🤢
  3. You get to use special tools to clean out her ear...
  4. ... and make it look less gross. 😧
  5. You even have to get in deeper inside her ear to pick out other Sanrio characters, like Badtz Maru! Lol! (What is he doing in there anyway?!?!) 😂
  6. And finally, when you're all done, the Sanrio characters that were inside Hello Kitty's ear pop out to join her in the doctor's office. Lol! 😂