Toys From My Childhood I Wish I Still Had ☹️

I've always had the (bad) habit of going crazy with annual Spring Cleanings. It's helped me keep my clutter and collecting under control, but it has also made me regret letting go of certain items. These are the items I most badly wish I still had. I know I could find every one of these on eBay now, but it would've been nice to have my originals.
  1. My Rainbow Brite Doll & Starlite Plush
    I was obsessed with Rainbow Brite when I was a kid. (It's the whole rainbow thing- haha!) I had the doll, the Starlite (horse) plush, bed sheets, bedding set, curtains, pjs, easy sew pillows, books, etc. It would've been cool to pass these original vintage goodies down to my future daughters.
  2. My Sweet Secrets
    Man I freaken loved these things! They were the epitome of my girlyness- then and now. Haha! Cute little animals or dolls, with bling on the outside and hidden makeup on the inside. I'd always have one as an essential item in my little plastic purses. Hehe!
  3. My Lil Miss Dress Up Doll...
  4. ... and My Lil Miss Makeup Doll
    I loved these dolls so much, especially the makeup one. It's quite evident that I've always been a makeup lover. Lol!
  5. My Plastic Charm Necklace & Charm Collection
    If I still had these today, they'd hold the most sentimental value bc of how my parents gave them to me. One day, they picked me up from school, and as I sat in the back seat, they started to say they were really itchy. My parents, w/cheesy smiles on their faces, would point to a spot and ask me to scratch for them. As I scratched my mom's head, or my dad's shoulder, out would fall out a different charm! It was so funny how they had hidden each charm in a funny "itchy" spot. Lol! ❤️ my parents!
  6. My Barbie & The Rockers Dolls
    I actually only had 3 of them- Barbie, Diva, and Dana, but I remember having all the available outfits for Barbie. I even had a cassette tape of their music that I'd play and sing along to every single day. Haha!
  7. My Barbie Astronaut Doll
    She was one of my favorite barbies from my collection. I was extra careful with her and wouldn't let my friends play with her. One day I decided to finally bring her out to play with a family friend and unfortunately my "friend" stole her from me. I never got to see that Barbie again and couldn't buy another one. 😢
  8. My Strawberry Shortcake Mini Figurines
    The ones pictured here are the exact ones I had. They were deliciously scented, so I loved holding them in my hands and just sniffing them for a bit. Haha!
  9. My Strawberry Shortcake Baby Doll
    This doll was so cute! You'd squeeze her tummy and strawberry scented air would come out of her mouth. Loved her! 🍓
  10. My Trolls
    Like the typical girl my age at that time, I had a ton of troll dolls- in all the available sizes and variations, including the pencil toppers. Haha! I even remember having one from a different brand that was almost 12 inches tall!
  11. My Snoopy Snowcone Maker
    I loved using this thing so much! It was an essential entertainment item during my tea parties and play dates. Lol!
  12. My Easy Bake Oven
    I had this exact one. It was actually a broken hand-me-down from an older family friend, so I never got to actually bake anything in it.