While Under The Influence...

The brain is a funny thing, especially when it's under the influence. 😁 (A running list.)
  1. Hubby & I have discussed the anatomy of the Progressive Insurance Box (specifically where its butt is located) and whether or not it's wearing a thong. 😂
    It's not rocket science, but my husband made it seem so. Lol!
  2. Hubby & I have analyzed in depth most super heroes and their corresponding strengths, weaknesses, and villains.
    This is not something I normally get into while sober. Btw- He's Superman. I'm Batman.
  3. I realized that Aaron Paul is the voice in the "Driving Matters" Mazda commercials.
    I was a "Breaking Bad" addict and have always loved the character Jesse Pinkman. Considering those commercials have been around for more than 2 years, it's kinda funny that I had to numb my brain to finally recognize his voice. Haha!