1. Um, I don't know, I didn't go to computer school
  2. Do I look like tech support for that website?! Call the 1-800 number, they will unlock your account for you
  3. I know my title is confusing, but I'm not an accountant
    sorry accountants it's not for all of us
  5. Four people to do my One job while on maternity leave? Can I get raise?!
    And it took three months to clean up their mess when I got back
  6. Do you actually do work? Or do you just talk in circles about what other people are doing to make yourself sound important and busy
  7. I don't drink coffee! Stop putting me on the rotation to stock and clean the coffee areas.
    It's like rich people, it stanks
  8. And last but certainly not least, IT guys, please find somewhere else is this whole huge ass office suite to stand and talk then right outside the mothers room while I pump. I know you can hear the machine! That noise equals this hallway is currently a no loitering zone.