I love food, so much I married a chef. Not really but it is a pretty sweet bonus. The below are things that just make me feel like home
  1. Honeysuckle
    When ever we went to Big Ma's house, my Great Grandmother, me and my sister always spent what felt like hours on the edge of the property picking honeysuckle. Which we also made the mistake of naming the animals in field next to it. Big Ma always had a laugh at the little city girls who named the farm animals.
  2. Dr Pepper
    We never had coke, soda or pop or cola depending on where you live. But in the part of Texas I grew up everything was coke, and then you would ask what kind of coke. Anyways I degrees, we never had it in our house growing up, but my Butterfly and Poppa (my grandparents) always had Dr. Pepper. Pretty sure my Butterfly never drank water; I never saw that women drink anything but Sweet Tea and Dr Pepper. I still don't drink a lot of coke, but if I'm feeling homesick or nostalgic, I drink Dr. Pepper
  3. Frito Pie
    I mean, it's chili and Fritos.
  4. Frito Burrito 🌯
    Back in the day ( 16 years to be exact) Taco Bells in Texas had the Frutio Burrito, but apparently it wasn't on the nation wide menu. So when my parents moved us from Texas to Maryland and I went to the local Taco Bell, long story short I drove home crying. Pretty funny since now I don't think I've made a run to the border in five plus years.
  5. My mom's Christmas candies 🎄
    Little balls of coconut dipped in chocolate. Only made at Christmas time. And sneaking into the fridge to steal candy pre chocolate dip, so worth the getting in trouble.
  6. Venison
    Mmmmm mouth drool. My Poppa and all my uncles hunted back home in Texas, and though everything was good, my Poppa's Venison bologna, steaks, jerky heck everything was the best
  7. Fried squirrel
    See above
  8. Star fruit
    My mom always had some cut up for us to eat. I'm a little embarrassed to say how old I was when I realized that no matter who cuts it it looks like a star. I thought my mom had some serious knife skills.
  9. Hush puppies
    When made correctly and eaten fresh, they are like little balls of warmth and love