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  1. At least 3 drinks at varying degrees of emptiness
  2. Novelty mugs filled with...things
  3. Unused gifts now serving as decorations
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  1. Job: Middle school Spanish teacher. Don't give me that look, they're not THAT bad
  2. Education: I'm a terp 🐢 (University of Maryland) with a B.A. in Spanish linguistics and actually just started my master's in Instructional Technology.
  3. Hobbies: Does tumblr count? Binge watching shows? I like to create pretty things.
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  1. Baby Bruce in the morning
  2. New cactus baby
  3. Beautiful weather
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  1. Please stop dabbing while I'm giving instructions. The next person to dab WILL get a lunch detention.
  2. No. Unfortunately, you can't finish your quiz at home.
  3. Yes, this test is graded.
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  1. Binge watching an entire season of Fixer Upper while creating 15 drafts of failed lists
  2. Spending 20 more minutes trying to figure out how to delete said failed drafts
  3. Brainstorming ways you can use that unwanted bottle of chocolate flavored vodka your father in law gave you.
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