1. Standing room only, OK...but with bonus shoving and beer spilling. I didn't want a mosh pit, but OK, let's do it!
  2. Acoustics make anything that the performers say sound like the teacher from Peanuts
  3. Moved to the back...near the entrance and resigned myself to watch it on TV. Then bonus dude on the tv...
  4. And then even poorer sound quality from the cheap seats.
  5. Anxiety level through the roof!! And the ticketing dude says, "sorry, no VIP! Maybe have a drink."
  6. Being in the back, I get front row seats to ALL of the drunkards in their glory. So that's worth the price of admission, even though I can't hear the perormers so great. Meh...
  7. Still an OK time, when I get over myself and appreciate the moment