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5 random photos I found in a few seconds on my camera roll. Idk why.
  1. Why?
  2. Again, why?
  3. ?
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  1. When he deletes corrupt data off of the PS4...
    ...so that we can watch mediocre TV shows.
  2. When he makes me test my bloodsugar...
    ...He likes to make sure I'm not high or low
  3. When his veins pop out of his wrists and hands
    Idk, it's the best.
  4. To be continued...
  1. "Take the bait, vote for Kate!"
    I gave out candy bars with this one. Bait, get it?
  2. "It's your fate to vote for Kate!"
  3. "Don't wait! Vote for Kate!"
    I used this moments before the voting period ended.
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Inspired by @katscribefever
  1. I'm a huge pitch perfect fan.
  2. I always wanted to be in the movie.
  3. I saw on Instagram that they were asking for people to be in the new music video.
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  1. My fiancés video game: Fallout 4
    I've never played. But he likes it. And I'm bored.
  2. Diet Pepsi
  3. Skinny Pop
    Doesn't make you skinny, btw
  4. Our new Love Sac. Get one. NOW!
  1. Eacalators
    Thanks to my gma and X-Files
  2. Somehow waking up with permanently inverted nipples
  3. Passing on one of my diseases to my children
    I mean, very minuscule chances, but still scary.
4 more...
  1. Tell my family what I got them for Christmas.
  2. Celebrate Festivus.
  1. Room
    Ugh- it's not playing ANYWHERE close by.
  2. Joy
    J-Law ... Yassssss
  3. Suicide squad/deadpool
    Harley 🙌
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Or maybe just really, really sad.
  1. Old people
    I usually assume an elderly person who is by themselves is widowed, which makes me sad. They probably eat dinner alone and buy only one placemat rather than a set.
  2. Snapes memories...
    ... From those beautiful tears that roll down his face as he dies at the hand of the Dark Lord and that terrible snake.
  3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Buffy sacrificing herself for Dawn, Buffy killing Angel, Spike sacrificing his soul and Buffy finding her mothers body. Literally crying right now.
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