I work at a restaurant... Enough said.
  1. "Today's already F@&$ed"
    My manager as I walk into the building.
  2. "*insert name here* called in sick."
    Yelled to me every time I go into the kitchen from my wonderful coworker, Maria.
  4. "We have a party of 50* coming in."
    * number varies. Usually 32-100. Tomorrow is lucky 100.
  5. "Darling" "Dear" "Love"
    Names coworkers call me - I think because they forgot my name - not out of endearment.
  6. "We don't need crayons - we have iPhones"
  7. "TEQUILA!!!!"
    Also yelled every time I walk into the kitchen. I love Maria.
  8. "DAMMIT" "SH!T" "F@$K"
    Every server and manager.
  9. "Chop chop!"
  10. "Do NOT seat them in my section"
  11. "WHY did you seat them in my section?!"
    I had no choice.
  12. "Just take their order. Help me out."
    I help - and then the tip goes elsewhere...
  13. "F@@@@&&&&KKKKKK"
  14. "Good job ladies! See you tomorrow!"