(But don't stop me from going)
  1. Prices
    $11.00 for a ticket -- plus another $17 for a drink and sub-par (yet totally necessary) popcorn.
  2. Texting
    I'll let you get away with texting during previews- but then, you better put that thing away!
  3. People who get up 3+ times during the film.
    Literally no reason for you to do that.
  4. People taking "hits" of marijuana right behind me.
    Like, if you smoke weed, all the power to ya ... But Come on - in a theater?
  5. Sticky floors.
  6. People leaving their trash behind.
    Although, I have been guilty of this one...
  7. Broken seats.
  8. Teenagers in the very top row.
    We all know what they're doing.
  9. When people put their feet on the occupied seat in front of them - @estherlimtf