Looks I think I could pull off

I love fashion and I'm willing to take risks. If it wouldn't make me look like an absolute crazy person you'd do anything to avoid, I would try out these looks...
  1. Gaga's origami hat phone
    Does it get good coverage?
  2. Any one of the Lady Marmalade looks
    Esp. Xtina's mane of insane hair
  3. This understated curved gold feather collar
    "Good choice"
  4. This wedding dress with a huge train
    I'm sure they'd manage to scale it so I look like a *tall* 5ft2in.
  5. Crying/Smoking Beyoncé makeup
    Esp. Running mascara
  6. Marge Simpson's Chanel dress 5 days in a row
    I'd even pump my own gas in it