1. (Current Events) Potential upside of Paris tragedy: grand bargain between Putin and Obama brokered by Hollande
    Obama gets Assad out and gets to fight Arabs without looking like Middle East colonizer/instigator/world police. Putin gets recognition as pragmatic world power = to US and not gadfly of West. Hollande's popularity soars in France and makes him equal of Merkel as face of EU.
  2. (Markets) John Malone is setting up for consolidation in international wireless (esp. In Europe--follow Liberty International) and the domestic "content creators." Follow the smart money!
  3. (Markets) Unbelievably awesome jobs could be the best precursor to the industry being a short e.g. Finance in early 00's, music business in late 90's, welders in North Dakota making 200k in shale oil boom, tech start-ups now?
  4. (Markets) Best roll-up set-up e.g. Nexstar: lots of "unnatural" owners of targets (e.g. Distressed debt hf's), core business has lots of debt capacity bc of stable and high FCF generation, attractive cost synergies, & some sort of multi-year revenue tailwind.
  5. (Markets) Most negativity I've ever seen in thermal coal right now.
  6. (Current Events) Speaking as a privileged white male, I'm glad I'm not in college right now (re: Dartmouth and Princeton black lives matter protest).
  7. (Current Events) In reference to the crackdown on Daily Fantasy ("DFS"): The "game of skill" distinction is a bad standard. I think there should be a secondary criteria of the long distribution of net winners-- I.e. DFS is bad bc of long-tailed distribution which is misrepresented by platforms.
  8. (Misc) People that use hand sanitizer look like they're scheming (guy next to me on train right now).
  9. (Art) LCD Soundsystem is perhaps best band to capture 2005+ hipster ennui. Best band to capture post-hipsterism? Hmm tough one. (I was going to say Real Estate but maybe that's late-hipsterism?).
  10. (Sports) People who are the best training partners are often totally uninteresting outside of that context. The only two thing you can't really do ironically are sex and sports. These seem to be related.