1. (Food) A traditional Thanksgiving meal is actually a pretty cost efficient way to feed a bunch of people.
  2. (Markets) It's difficult to determine whether a thematic investing strategy is working as a testament to bottoms-up process or ephemeral macro trend. The key is (obviously) to be humble enough to punch out when the trend becomes irrational (or at least limit your downside with a hedge).
  3. (Misc) Swedish indie-pop (e.g. Amason, Alvvays) is the best music to do work to: upbeat, calming vocals and harmonies, and you can't understand what they're saying so lyrics aren't distracting.
  4. (Markets) I'd speculate that systematic trading model that bought and sold cyclical stocks based on a change in the 2nd derivative of a top line indicator would probably do pretty well
  5. (Misc) Most adults that I've met who are relatively miserable tend to have cut ties with old friends. It's the cowards way out.
  6. (Current Events) Assad will stay (at the very least for several years). Philip Gordon tipped Obama's hand in Financial Times opinion piece today.
  7. (Food) Inconsistency with paternalist view of bad-for-you food regulation/condescension and indulgent "food experience" e.g. Upper class people tsk-tsk at KFC but happily would get David Chang's $200 fried chicken. Chang master of this exploitation (e.g. Fuku vs Chikfila)
  8. (Politics) is trump poling success an indictment of poling anachronism? Possibly.
  9. (Misc) Excluding hate groups, the lamest subreddit could be r/watches.
  10. (Misc) The Jedi are the problem!