In response to @mylestanzer list
  1. Best Sushi
    Omakase at Sushi Nakazawa
  2. Best Meal in Princeton
    Hokkai Don at Ajihei
  3. Best Indian Food
    Tasting Menu at Rasika West in DC. Especially the Palak Chaat.
  4. Best Indian Food I Made
    Lamb Roganjosh
  5. Most Gratuitous & Delicious Meat (Tied)
    The meat and cheese plate at Bifora in Venice, Italy
  6. Most Gratuitous & Delicious Meat (Tied)
  7. Best New Holiday Recipe
  8. Lunch that Most Drained all Subsequent Productivity
    Pastrami on Rye w/cole slaw from 2nd Ave Deli
  9. Most Friday Work Lunch a la Mad Men
    Oysters and Whiskey at Grand Central Oyster Bar
  10. Weirdest Food-Flavor Combo
    Tex-Mex in Athens, Greece: the lamb burrito at Taqueria Maya
  11. Best Tourist Food Attraction
    Fish and Chips at Aldeburgh Fish & Chip Shop
  12. Best Asian
    Northern Thai Food at Little Serow (only tasting menu available)