Born and raised in the 🇦🇪. A citizen of 🇸🇩. OCD tendencies, a minimalist, a failed perfectionist/idealist. Identity crisis personified. Apple fanboy to the core. An engineer at mind, designer at heart and an entrepreneur to be and lastly, a consistent loser with a quitter mentality.
  1. Muhanned AbdelRahman Omar ElTinai
  2. July 30, 1990
  3. Twenty-Five
  4. Born and raised in the U🇦🇪A🇦🇪E.
  5. A citizen of the Republic 🇸🇩 of 🇸🇩 The 🇸🇩 Sudan
  6. Apple fanboy 💻❤️📱❤️⌚️❤️🖥❤️🖱
  7. Chelsea 💙 Football 💙 Club & #ThreeLions fan and supporter
  8. Currently studying computer engineering/science for an academic bachelor's degree and doubt I'll be doing it for a living.