Growing up with curls on your head is difficult, but as soon as you learn how to rock them they're the best! Here are some things I've heard more than a few times about the untamable mane on the top of my head.
  1. "Curly hair would be so much easier, you don't have to do anything to it!"
    Lol. You're funny.
  2. "When I was your age I would have paid to get curls like that!"
    Usually from an Aunt who would have died for bigger hair in the 90s.
  3. "Have you ever straightened it?"
    Only on a rare and special occasion, my friend. (When I've got an extra hour and a half on my hands)
  4. "Can I boing your curls?"
    They ask, if you're lucky. Typically you just feel a light tug somewhere behind you with no warning.
  5. "What? No shampoo?!"
    That's right folks, no shampoo. Just a good conditioner is plenty to keep the curls nice and bouncy.
  6. "Isn't curly hair the hardest to work with?"
    This comes from a person with wavy hair, emphasis on wavy. I'll admit I don't have the curliest of curls, but I get ringlets and springy curls all over my head (if it cooperates). Wavy hair is not curly hair, my friends.
  7. "Woah."
    Usually when it's raining. Or you just wake up. Or you pull out a paper clip that got wedged in there during last nights study-nap.