Today was my first day on the list app.
  1. At my desk while pretending to do work
    I used the prop up the phone in front of the keyboard technique.
  2. During lunch while still pretending to do work
    Ate lunch at my desk while reading emails and lists intermittently. This was either great multitasking or incredible inefficiency.
  3. On the bus ride to yoga
    Everyone stares at their phones, but I was most likely the only one reading lists. I was momentarily distracted by two amazing tap dancers on Market Street. Taco dancers really does not do what they were doing justice, maybe tap artists is better.
  4. Sitting on my kitchen counter top while waiting for my dinner to cook
    Scrambled eggs and lists go really well together. Yes scrambled eggs for dinner, because I am an adult.
  5. In bed while trying to fall asleep
    Well at least after I finish this list.