A group announced that they would attempt to pull down the statue of Andrew Jackson today to protest the city's failure to remove monuments associated with the Confederacy (yeah, I know Jackson had nothing to do with the Civil War - just stay with me here). Then David Duke announced he would also attend the protest. Result? Shitshow.
  1. The police presence in the French Quarter was so heavy that today would have been the ideal time to commit a crime anywhere else in Orleans Parish.
  2. I have never seen a SWAT team vehicle up close before. Heavily armored is an understatement. That black uniform has got to be sweltering in 100 degree heat index.
  3. There were far more people out to protest David Duke than to protest or attempt to remove the statue. These folks remembered the original issue, though.
  4. David Duke looks like the undead. I did not take a picture - I like my phone.
  5. 50% of the folks milling around Jackson Square had no idea what was going on.
  6. Several people I overheard discussing the Jackson statue believed he was a confederate soldier and had no clue that he died in 1845, more than 15 years prior to the Civil War.
  7. Snipers on the rooftops are creepy.
  8. Riot gear is creepy.
  9. The jazz band in front of the Cathedral provided a surreal soundtrack for a protest situation.
  10. Most affected by the protest? The merchants around the square, many of whom reported a steep drop-off in Saturday business.