Things the Fried Chicken Festival Could do Better Next Year

As I stand in a seemingly endless line snaking under live oaks and across flower beds (sorry, plants), dripping sweat, there are several things that are immediately apparent:
  1. The festival needs to be TWO DAYS. New Orleans does too many amazing things with fried chicken to put it all in one day. Also, people would be less crazed.
  2. The festival organizers did a great job with social media marketing. Maybe too good.
  3. Obtaining crab boiled fried chicken with crab fat fried rice from Milkfish requires patience and perseverance, as does chicken from Willie Mae's Scotch House tent.
  4. All drink tent lines should be able to provide all drinks listed on the tent. Nothing pisses off a thirsty fest goer than standing in line for 30 minutes, only to be told that your line doesn't sell X drink - the 30 minute line 6 inches away does, and the signage is not indicative of the difference.
  5. They should have bands at both ends of Lafayette Square, like the BBQ and Blues fest.
  6. People who cut in lines should be consigned to a very uncomfortable circle of hell.
  7. Bitching about lines does not make you less hot. Striking up conversations around you is more fun and makes the time pass (and I don't even like people, so you KNOW I got bored).
  8. A portable charger for your phone is a must. I prefer the Anker series.
  9. More drink tents. This is New Orleans, y'all.