1. Him Tang
    CHIANG MAI-- 32 Moo 3, T. On-Klang, A. Mae-On, Chiang Mai 50130 --Blood soup, brain, grilled pig tail
  2. Laap Kao Cham Cha
    CHIANG MAI-- The corner under the Rain Tree, Behind Prince Royal College, Rattanakosin Road, T. Wat Gate, A. Muang Chiang Mai 50000 -Laap
  3. Khao Kha Muu - Cowboy Hat Lady
    CHIANG MAI-- Night Market, Chang Pueak Gate, T. Chang Pueak A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50000 -Khao Kha Muu (Stewed Pork Leg)
  4. Raan Kaphrao Samrap Khon Chawp Kin Phet
    CHIANG MAI-- 1001, Chiang Mai-Mae Jo Road, Nong Jom, T. Fa Ham, A, San Sai, Chiang Mai 50210 --Spicy dishes – Pad Khii Mao moo, Krapao Gai, and Pad Cha Ta-Le.
  5. Pa Daeng Jin Tup
    CHIANG MAI-- Corner of Mae Yoi Intersection, T. San Sai, A. San Sai, Chiang Mai 50210 Hammered meat, buffalo tendon and bile
  6. Thai Haeng
    BANGKOK--Chinatown Bangkok’s Chinatown, down Yaowarat Soi 8, which is little more than a sleepy walking and motorbike alley that’s home to a couple of Chinese temples. But just a few meters into the alley, you’ll see the sign for the restaurant immediately after Wat Bamphen Chin Phrot temple. -khao man gai (chicken rice ข้าวมันไก่), and suki (Thai sukiyaki สุกี้ร).
  7. Kuay Jab Nay Lek
    BANGKOK--Chinatown Street food stall that sets up on the corner of Yaowarat Road and Itsara Nuphap (Soi 11). -Kuay jab tuk yang (ก๋วยจั๊บทุกอย่าง) – This includes a little bit of everything, heart, tongue, liver, stomache, and finally slices of crispy pork belly with noodles and broth. -Kuay jab mai ow krueang nai (ก๋วยจั๊บไม่เอาเครื่องใน) – If you order this, you won’t get all the organs, but just slices of crispy pork belly with noodles and broth.
  8. Hoy Kraeng Pa Jeen (หอยแครงป้าจิน)
    BANGKOK--Chinatown Located right in the heart of Yaowarat Chinatown in Bangkok, along Phudungdao Road, which is also known as Soi Texas. The stall is just down the road from the famous T & K Seafood and Lek & Rut Seafood. -Hoy kraeng luak (หอยแครงลวก), boiled blood cockles. -Hoy malaeng pu (หอยแมลงภู่), boiled mussels.
  9. Soei (ร้านเส่ย)
    BANGKOK-- Thanon Setsiri, Sam Sen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok, Thailand -Kaem pla too tod (แก้มปลาทูทอด), or Indian mackerel cheeks, need to call ahead for this: 081-563-3131, 086-203-6603 -Kak moo pad ka prao (กากหมูผัดกะเพรา), deep fried pieces of pig skin and fat, all stir fried up with holy basil, chilies and kaffir limes leaves. -Pla too tod kratiem (ปลาทูทอดกระเทียม), deep fried mackerel smothered in crispy garlic. -Pla goong pao (พล่ากุ้งเผา), epic shrimp salad