1. Sit and stare at yourself in a mirror
    Ask yourself why you agreed to this (optional)
  2. Wobble to your car
    Thank your past self for parking near the entrance (optional)
  3. Drive CARfully
    This is a sad pun
  4. Hydrate!
    Hold back tears when you come home to find coconut water in your fridge
  5. Stretch
  6. Decide btwn soup, pizza or left over chipotle
    Curse yourself for choosing to be vegan this week and eat the chipotle cold 🌯
  7. Feed your dog some pizza so you can live vicariously through them
  8. Considering smoking the weed you have instead of selling it
    Sell it bc ur lungs & 💵 (optional)
  9. Make a li.st about it
  10. Once you finish your burrito, SHOWER!
  11. You deserve a nap too 😘