Inspired by @drugs list
  1. My name is Naara
    Pronounced Nar-Rah if you say it Nair-ah I won't think you're funny
  2. My mom didn't want that to be my name
  3. At the time Brazil did not require babies to be registered at birth
  4. And my parents couldn't decide on a name
    They didn't get along that's why they're in different countries.
  5. My aunt tricked our family and family friends into believing my name was Naara
  6. My mom got very sick after giving birth and my aunt took over announcing and throwing my baby shower
  7. My aunt just picked a random name my grandma had highlighted in her bible
    In Portuguese spelled Naára
  8. Once my mom realized what had happened it was decided it was too late to change my name
    Some sort of superstition about changing a babies name idk
  9. When we moved to America I never went by the translated version of my name
    It's Naarah
  10. As a child when I got asked what the correct pronunciation was and I never really cared but since I started college I decided on the one that sticks true to the translation