1. Shocker: I'm crying
  2. I don't want to move to Miami
  3. I like living with my mom and my sister and especially the dog
  4. I'm a medium sized fish in a medium sized pond
    I like that balance. In moving I'll be a tadpole in the fucking ocean! Tadpoles belong in ponds!
  5. My roommate is going to hate me or I'm gonna hate her I can feel it
  6. I don't want to pack
  7. I'm broke
  8. My strong support system is falling apart
    The huge group I had last summer broke up. Guess we fell into the stereotype that high school friends don't last. But mostly the worst is my best friend will be 6 hours away and that kills me!
  9. Tears hurt my face
    I might have a sunburn or I'm allergic to crying idk
  10. Frank finally dropped his album
  11. I don't have a job
  12. Too much of life has to be done alone and I'm not comfortable when people aren't with me
    Even if it's just being in the other room I'd rather have someone around