1. It's Friyay ya'll!
  2. The tips of people's shoes from above in front of anything.
  3. But first, coffee.
  4. This phrase: "Let's collaborate!" Sounds businessy without promising anyone will make money.
  5. Monday! Let's do this!
  6. This phrase: "You guys, BIG announcement coming soon. Can't wait to share!"
  7. No one has perfected the faded pink tint like @laurenconrad.
  8. When in doubt, use the word: Curate
  9. An ice cream cone held up in the air against a brick wall is everything.
  10. Seriously though.
  11. You don't get inspired. You get inspo.
  12. Hashtag originator is a thing.
  13. Alliteration works best if the second word is Peonies.