Stop drawlin and read this jawn
  1.'s called a hoagie
    Not sub or sandwich
  2. Wawa is ♥️
    Much better than Turkey Hill, Sheetz, or whatever other convenience store you have
  3. We bleed our sports teams
    Flyers, Sixers, Eagles, Union, Phillies unite!
  4. We're proud of our historical background
    From Independence Hall to the Constitution Center, we're the birthplace of America and we love it
  5. We have great collegiate institutions
    From Temple U (GO OWLS) to UPenn, we're always sharpening our minds
  6. Yes...cheesesteaks are THAT good
  7. And no one makes them like we do
  8. Even Shonda Rhimes ♥️s us
    Philly is where her hit show How To Get Away With Murder takes place
  9. The birthplace of 2 famous Kevin's (at least)
    Kevin Bacon and Kevin Hart
  10. It's called WATER ICE
    Not Italian Ice or whatever you think it is. It also goes great with a soft pretzel!
  11. And it's pronounced WOODER ICE
    Our accent has baffled and intrigued many linguists and people in general
  12. There's so much to see when it comes to art
    Take a trip to the Barnes, PMA, or lowly concert venues sprinkled throughout the city
  13. If you love Tastykakes, you have us to thank
  14. While we may have some things to apologize for, Philly really is The City of Brotherly ♥️
  15. Jim's on South Street for cheesesteaks
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  16. South Street...just in general.
    Because where else can you find Jims, a Whole Foods, many tattoo parlors, a concert venue, exotic stores, and much much more on one street?