Putting the "I" in TMI | 5 is more than "a few"
  1. Right Handed
    I have to admit I've always been jealous of lefties. They are more likely to be geniuses or good at everything. More likely to be Presidents and leaders or famous. My right handedness makes me feel generic. I'm told my dad always put the pen in my right hand on purpose. If I am ever so blessed as to procreate I will not be making that mistake with my kids.
  2. Born in Hawaii
    In Los Angeles I always get asked "what are you?" To which I want to reply "I'm the one you've been waiting for." They are really just curious because I am some sort of ethnic. This is not a problem in Hawaii because almost everyone is multi ethnic.
  3. Singer
    I'm trying to do a better job of being out of the closet on this matter. I've had two careers so far in my over thirty (yikes) laps around the sun: Video Editing and Electoral Politics. But most nights I feel the reason why God put me here was to sing. I didn't realize this until too late in life and I'm not Taylor Swift good looking so a "career" in song is a long shot at this point. Oh well. It'll just have to be a life filled with bar tabs at karaoke joints. Unless you want to book me!
  4. Cook
    Funny story: When I was four years old I watched a lot of PBS. Before Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood and Sesame Street came on, Hawaii PBS had a lineup of cooking shows. So as a toddler I watched a lot of Frugal Gourmet, Yan Can Cook, and Julia Child. While unsupervised one day at home at the age of 5 I took it upon myself to bake a cake. My parents got angry, cause I wasn't supposed to play with the oven, but that didn't stop them from eating the cake anyway.
  5. Might be going deaf
    In 2012 I worked in on President Obama's reelection campaign in Charlotte, NC during the Democratic National Convention. Last day of the convention we had an event Uptown attended by several thousand people. Long lines of supporters tried to enter the event flanked by a wall of abortion protesters one of whom had a megaphone. I wedged myself between the protestors and our supporters to get folks through and the protestor megaphoned into my ear for 2 hours. My hearing has never been the same. :-(