Brand New Books by (Mostly) l.a. Authors I'm Taking on Vacation

Best part of the job: I receive early copies of dozens of books each month--more than I could ever read--but I'm taking at least two of these while I'm in Florida next week with my family. Note: I cover culture at LA mag but am not a book critic--just an enthusiastic reader.
  1. The Art of Memoir by Mary Karr
    The author of Cherry and The Liar's Club tells you how it's done. Out Sept 15
  2. Lost Canyon by Nina Revoyr
    LA writer who wrote a great novel called Southland just published this literary thrillah about four backpackers who stumble upon a mysterious place called Lost Canyon and bad things happen TBD. Published 8/25.
  3. Let the People Rule by Geoffrey Cowan
    T Rex, my fave president, and the story of his 1912 presidential campaign against Taft--which led to the primary madness we now love to hate in American politics. Came out in paperback Aug 25.
  4. The Social Sex, A History of Female Friendships by Marilyn Yalom
    Didn't know until I read the book jacket that women were once considered "constitutionally unsuited for female friendship on the highest level." Right. Out Sept 22.
  5. A Beginner's Guide to Paradise by Alex Sheshunoff
    So this guy really can answer the "movies/tv you'd take to a desert island." He ditched his own startup and moved to an island called Yap. AJ Jacobs wrote a glowing blurb on the book jacket. That's good enough for me. Just came out Sept 1.
  6. Women Crime Writers of the 1940s & 50s
    Not sure when this came out--@MaryMeltonLA gave it to me. I'm a fan of Patricia Highsmith but not familiar with most of these others. Saving this two book, eight novel collection for Thanksgiving...