Life lessons from a retired early adopter.
  1. Counting number of followers
    And noticing/feeling sad when I'm unfollowed.
  2. Posting pictures of my feet/coffee/face
    Early days of Instagram, no need to go backwards.
  3. Developing a crush on clever posters
    A great fondness, yes. Crushing, no.
  4. Dating that crush/someone I met via social media flirtations
    Fished off the Twitter pier twice! I have a fella now anyway and I met him the old fashioned way: OKC!
  5. Crashing into a tree branch because I had my head down while walking/checking updates.
  6. Getting sucked in and being late for work.
    Already happened.
  7. Thinking "Aw, what the hell!" before giddily hitting send.
    Too late.
  8. Self-consciously deleting
    Never too late.