So I momentarily misread "My Go-To Karaoke Songs" in List app as "My Go-To Karate Songs" and instead of thinking "Karate songs? That can't be right" I spent a few minutes thinking about which songs I'd do karate to, if I knew karate. So here are my go-to karate songs. suggestions welcome.
  1. Enter the Dragon theme song by Lalo Shifrin
    Entrance music.
  2. Cruel Summer by Banarama
    Because it's in the Karate Kid
  3. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
    Technically a song for boxing (Rocky III) but def could work for go-to karate song.
  4. Can I Kick It? By Tribe Called Quest
    A little on the nose but it's a go-to song for a lot of things.
  5. Soundtrack to Ghost Dog by RZA
    Pretty sure I have an ex-boyfriend's CD import from Japan. He'd probably be annoyed that I'm listing Ghost Dog: Way of the Samarai because there's no karate in that movie, but it's martial arts themed, so RZA probably be ok with it. And neither of them are here anyway.
  6. About 10,000 Wu-Tang Clan songs, including "Mystery of Chessboxin'"
    Suggested by @angusisley