Not shark-jumping--that would be a show ruining itself. These are TV episodes from late-70s/80s that deeply disturbed my young mind. They don't do this stuff on iCarly. Though it's why I now like Darren Aronsfky movies.
  1. Dif'rent Strokes ep with Dudley and the guy from WKRP playing a pedophile.
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    Dirty mouse cartoons. No shirt. Why?!
  2. Papa Smurf asking out Smurfette
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    He was the one smurf she didn't think wanted to smurf her. Look at her face. Ugh..
  3. Tom Hanks jumping off the roof in Mazes and Monsters.
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    The lesson: playing D&D will make you want to kill yourself. (Maybe that's true?)
  4. Albert getting hooked on morphine in Little House.
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    And then the fire...
  5. Beefsteak Charlie
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    Technically a commercial, but God, what a creep. Beefsteak Charlie's did have the best birch beer tho.
  6. Farrah Fawcett in "the Burning Bed"
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    I wasn't actually allowed to watch it but I stole a few peeks and regretted it. What was I expecting? It's a TV movie called The Burning Bed.
  7. Elmer Fudd blowing off Daffy Ducks face with a shotgun.
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    ACME brand anvils and dynamite were fine but no guns.
  8. Facts of Life rape episode
    This may just be a fever dream but I've only ever seen the Facts of Life once, as a very small child, and I think this is where I learned what rape was? She was wearing a tuxedo? Ok this was probably a dream, now that I write it out.
    Suggested by @Jen