Tv Scenes/episodes From Childhood That Scarred Me for Life

Not shark-jumping--that would be a show ruining itself. These are TV episodes from late-70s/80s that deeply disturbed my young mind. They don't do this stuff on iCarly. Though it's why I now like Darren Aronsfky movies.
  1. Dif'rent Strokes ep with Dudley and the guy from WKRP playing a pedophile.
    Dirty mouse cartoons. No shirt. Why?!
  2. Papa Smurf asking out Smurfette
    He was the one smurf she didn't think wanted to smurf her. Look at her face. Ugh..
  3. Tom Hanks jumping off the roof in Mazes and Monsters.
    The lesson: playing D&D will make you want to kill yourself. (Maybe that's true?)
  4. Albert getting hooked on morphine in Little House.
    And then the fire...
  5. Beefsteak Charlie
    Technically a commercial, but God, what a creep. Beefsteak Charlie's did have the best birch beer tho.
  6. Farrah Fawcett in "the Burning Bed"
    I wasn't actually allowed to watch it but I stole a few peeks and regretted it. What was I expecting? It's a TV movie called The Burning Bed.
  7. Elmer Fudd blowing off Daffy Ducks face with a shotgun.
    ACME brand anvils and dynamite were fine but no guns.
  8. Facts of Life rape episode
    This may just be a fever dream but I've only ever seen the Facts of Life once, as a very small child, and I think this is where I learned what rape was? She was wearing a tuxedo? Ok this was probably a dream, now that I write it out.
    Suggested by   @Jen