1. The Williams Sisters
    Serena, may she play forever.
  2. All the shushing
  3. The perfect, symmetrical lines of the grass court
    And how hard/unpredictable grass is to play on
  4. Excuse to have champagne and strawberries
    In case you need one
  5. Failed "Waves"
    Someone in the crowd always tries to start a wave and it crashes after two people.
  6. Matches are exquisite combination of consistent rhythm and nail-biting tension
  7. The hollow pop sound of the ball
    It's the sound of summertime to me.
  8. It's the only sports event where I shout at the TV
  9. The tradition
    No matter where we are in the country I know my dad and sisters/brothers are following the matches/have it on in the background
  10. The formality
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    It's still a place of pomp and ceremony in an otherwise casual world.