Written in tears after watching the finale
  1. Season 3: The Fight
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    Drunk. Ron. Swanson. That is all.
  2. Season 7: Pie-Mary
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    I didn't think I could love parks and rec any more and then they took on Men's Right's Activism (lol)
  3. Season 2: Pawnee Zoo
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    I have an irrational love of penguins and in the cutest turn of events Leslie accidentally marries two gay penguins at the zoo. It ends with the couple strapped into car seats being driven to Iowa (where they can be legally married)
  4. Season 4: Pawnee Rangers
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    This episode combines a pillow fighting championship, a puppy party, gender politics and the introduction of Treat Yo Self. The best.
  5. Season 7: Leslie & Ron
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    In which Leslie and Ron are locked in a room together to get over their 'Morningstar' dispute. Ron becomes post-it Ron, 'loves plastic' and finally has a heart to heart with Leslie. I cried for the entire episode.
  6. Season 2: 94 Meetings
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    Ron and the rest of the parks team have to conduct 93 meetings in one day; meeting 94 is when April quits for her admin mistake, but Ron persuades her to stay. I love this episode because it's when Ron and April (or Duke Silver and ZuZu) become proper 'workplace proximity associates' (the start of a beautiful friendship).
  7. Season 6: Ann and Chris
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    This probably isn't one of the most memorable episodes, but Chris and Ann's departure marks the beginning of the end in Parks. Leslie and Ann's friendship is one of my favourite female relationships on tv, based on mutual love and support, rather than competition. They are both noble land mermaids.
  8. Season 2: Galentine's Day
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    This is quite literally the best day of the year and should very much be a national holiday. 'Ladies celebrating ladies' is great.
  9. Season 5: Leslie and Ben
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    'I love you and I like you'
  10. Season 7: One Last Ride
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    Season 7 was like a love letter to the rest of the series, and this was a beautiful finale. I'll be netflix marathoning from season 1 for the next month if anyone needs me.