In which I self-indulgently ramble on about my travelling through the medium of sub standard iphone photos
  1. Morocco has endless beautiful palaces, gardens and architecture. This is the view from the roof of my hostel in Fez, a lone quiet spot in an incredibly hectic city.
  2. An old Soviet building in Central Warsaw (affectionately called 'Stalin's Penis' by the locals I was told). I like it because it's how I visualise a lot of 1984's architecture.
  3. A slightly grey but nevertheless classically beautiful Prague
  4. This is one of the most adorable places I've ever been. It's a little town in the Czech countryside that is untouched by modern architecture. This is the view from the old (and perfectly preserved) castle
  5. The Plitvice lakes in Croatia are a stunning vibrant blue (because of some mineral science thing) and eerily clear. If you go to only one place in Europe go here.
  6. This is the first city (Bruges) I went to on a solo 5 week trip. This is more sentimental that pretty; I was feeling a bit lonely and scared but this very happy dog guarding the canal made my day.
  7. The alps are unbelievably gorgeous in the winter. French food + skiing + perfect scenery is the ideal travel combination.
  8. Dublin has lots of pretty things but this library was the prettiest (despite the annoyingly just off-centre picture)
  9. Trinidad is an almost perfectly preserved colonial town in the Sancti Spiritus province of Cuba. It's surrounded by mountainous country side where you can hike and go pony trekking.
  10. Last is my favourite city: London. It does Christmas better than anywhere else and Bond street is fancy enough to have super classy decorations.