Written at 1.20am
  1. Creepy men
    Seriously, it's 2015, HOW is groping still acceptable
  2. Judgy bar tenders
    Yes bar tender, I do just want a glass of water, please get me one and then leave me alone
  3. Overpaid DJs
    Guys (normally in SnapBacks) literally being paid to press play on an iTunes playlist
  4. Sexist advertising
    It's nice that your target demographic can be so easily enticed by a random woman on a poster
  5. Men who inexplicably take their shirts off
  6. Returning home with bruises from being stood on by people in heels all night
    War wounds
  7. The floors
    How do they get so disgusting? We will never know
  8. List Conclusion: how is this fun, does anyone enjoy this?