Favorite TV shows and movies to have on in the background

This is all about stopping my brain from thinking, not about watching anything for real.
  1. Any older James Bond movie.
    Especially those with Sean Connery
  2. Football games
    I somehow find that the dopey announcers tend to lull me to sleep, unless the game is especially good.
  3. Any episode at all of Murder She Wrote
    I'm starting to have the dialogue of these shows memorized. I understand that this is not a good thing.
  4. Any episode of Columbo
    These have long periods with no dialogue and the music is usually a variation of This Old Man. Very soothing. Also Peter Falk is just ridiculously charming.
  5. Almost any episode of MST3K
    Snarkiness anytime on demand. Perfect for drifting in and out.