I've been pretending I won't miss it, but it appears I will
  1. The sweet sunroom at the front that I called my study, but that I never used to its full potential.
  2. The amazing amount of storage space, which was also it's own curse, because I could keep squirreling things away in the two attics huge basement and closets and alcoves.
  3. The orange room. For some reason I persuaded my husband to get my daughter's room painted Crayola orange. It looks out over the street and when I drive home at night I can see it softly glowing it's welcome to me.
  4. The window seat in another room that my children played on when they were small.
  5. The floor of the kitchen that we put in that was just the right swirly color to hide coffee stains.
  6. I'll also miss the intangible thing that is the fact that my children spent their entire lives, up until now, in this house.