Or how I learned that I really could have been on one of those hoarder shows.
  1. Enough books to open a small used bookstore
    Why would I bring them home, knowing how hard it is to part with them?
  2. CDs, Tapes, Records, Sheet Music and musical instruments.
    I mean, I know why I have some of these instruments, but couldn't I really get rid of the two toy ukuleles I have? There are four more perfectly good ones in the house!
  3. Many many pairs of shoes.
    Some of the pairs have one shoe upstairs and one downstairs.
  4. Clothing in all the sizes my children have ever worn -
    And in every size I've worn since I turned 14.
  5. Random papers all over the house, many pieces of the kids' schoolwork from years gone by.
    Their handwriting stopped being adorable and historical ages ago! I don't want to preserve their chemistry homework!
  6. Zillions of photographs everywhere
    Including as bookmarks, because of course.
  7. Bits of old toys from my childhood that might actually be worth something if I sold them on eBay.
    The old Fisher Price stuff really would be worth something, but you wouldn't expect me to sell that, would you? That's a precious piece of my childhood!
  8. An old cabinet that supposedly used to hold a chamber pot.
    I took this from my grandmother's house after she died and it has sat in the basement of the house I'm selling for about 16 years.
  9. Creepy Dolls
    I collect them - so it's not that surprising, it's just that they seem to turn up where I least expect them. I'll be going through a box of the kids' old papers when suddenly this lovely turns up.
  10. Doors
    Oddly there are a number of doors in the basement. We have nonstandard sized doors so even when we take them off the hinges we have to keep them around.
  11. I haven't really even touched the attics or basement yet - so stand by for this list, parts 2 and 3.