If C.S. Lewis were still alive, these would be potential plots for new Narnia books. Ideas can fit anywhere on the Narnia timeline, between Magician's Nephew and Last Battle, or beyond.
  1. One Hundred Years of Winter
    The White Witch begins to create an army to take over Narnia. The tree that protects the land of Narnia is destroyed, and new Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve witness the whole thing. They were never mentioned again in the other Chronicles books because some of them joined the Witch to their downfall, while others returned to our world and forgot the adventures. It's a bittersweet story with an emotional and sad ending, giving the rest of the Chronicles more weight.
  2. The Next Creation (working title)
    The Wood Between Worlds is accessed again, for the first time since The Magician's Nephew. The children that find their way to this portal pool filled realm find themselves looking into many worlds unlike any they've seen before. They see a pool surrounded by trees with etchings of a Lion, a Lamppost and Kings and Queens. The pool has dried up, though. They find their way to a pool surrounded by young trees, whose stories were just beginning, worlds were just created, and dive in...