Strange pictures in my phone.

Pictures that can not be understood without description
  1. FaceTime with my mom, screen shot.
    Black spot is a bird stuck to an orange fly trap. I was laughing at my Mama trying to fee the bird with that or sticky stick swinging in circles. She did get the bird unstuck. It flew away with a bit of sticky dead fly.
  2. Picture of a picture of an appendix.
    My 10 son had emergency surgery at 1130 at night. Son wanted to see the angry appendix that made him so sick. So his surgeon took a picture of it after he cut it out. I'm going to print this pictures from place it in a photo album.
  3. Scary Movie Tree.
    I actually think it's beautiful. It's a tree in the woods near an active archaeological dig of a Columbian Mammoth sight in Waco, Texas.
  4. My 10yo playing soccer.
    What looks like is happening, isn't really happening. LOL
  5. Husbands fat lip. 😅
    Bee got in his Monster drink and he tried to drink him. Bee1, Tom0