You'll notice that a lot of this will be tennis matches! But I'll mention the ones from more recent memories.
  1. Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic - Roland Garros 2013 Semi Final
    Where do I even begin 😩...I don't think I have cheered this hard for Rafa than I did for this one match, which was in his hands until the latter stages of the 4th set...then things complicated. That 5th set showed me that miracles can happen in tennis! A bit of help from the net and renewed confidence, Rafa managed to fight back and win. A victory which needed to happen after a solid clay season and because of who he faced, and it set the tone for the rest of his season. 2013 was Rafa's year.
  2. Arsenal vs Reading - FA Cup 2012/2013 Season
    Definitely one of the most crazy Arsenal matches I have ever watched. It started off as badly as you can expect from Arsenal, they went down 0-4 in 40 mins, I still remember seeing fans leaving the stadium after that. Walcott helped get us on the board before half time. 1-4. Arsenal managed to get it levelled by the 95th minute/added time and then lead 5-4 in extra time. Then Reading equalised. It was a topsy-turvy affair which saw Arsenal win it 7-5 by the end of extra time. Whew.
  3. Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic - Australian Open 2012 Final
    What a heartbreaker. To play for almost 6 hours and lose to the guy that beat you 6 times prior. The stressful thing about watching that was having hope and then it being snatched away by one poor shot selection...the finish line was in sight! Rafa being in that 5th set was shocking to begin with, he had to win the 4th in a tie-break...and then play his heart out to get the lead in the 5th. But Novak Djokovic is a very tough opponent. However, the loss helped Rafa get the confidence he needed.
  4. Real Madrid vs Manchester City - Champions League 2012/2013 Season
    I'm not even an avid supporter of either of these teams (Manchester City? Ew. Nuff said) but I have always been fond of Madrid so I decided to root for them in this match, I didn't expect to feel so invested...the match was so close and came down to the wire. When Ronaldo set up that shot in the box, in what must have been the last minute of the match, I just knew it would go in. And I will never forget Mourinho's celebration.
  5. Rafael Nadal - David Ferrer - Madrid 2013 QF
    2013 was Rafa's year but he struggled through a lot of matches, especially on clay. Rafa losing on clay, in Spain, is always a bitter pill to swallow as a Rafa fan...and it almost happened that day, he was essentially a point away from it being 15-40 (MPs down) on his own serve. Ferrer wouldn't back down that day. Call it luck or whatever, but a no look backhand lob/volley (i'm still not sure what shot that was) saved Rafa and got him back into the match. He didn't lose another game after that!
  6. Too many Rafa matches at Wimbledon to list. Simply too many.
  7. Watching Sports Live.
    Doesn't matter how irrelevant the round or match is in the grand scheme of things, but it is a very stressful experience watching any sport live, at the venue, when you are invested in one side. And it makes me wonder I keep going back for more!