I have always loved Sports, it's a nice escape, supporting someone or a group of people to achieve something important to them, such as a medal, trophy, etc is a great feeling. Football, Tennis & Athletics are definitely my favourite sports and I follow it regularly throughout the year.
  1. Arsenal
    I have been an Arsenal fan for as long as I remember, and that's most likely down to my Dad who has always been a big supporter of the Gunners! It was a fun few years at the start and then came that nine year trophy drought, which saw Arsenal become laughing stocks of the Premier League (we still are 😢) and a complete change to the team I grew to know and love! Will forever miss the days of Henry, Vieira, Bergkamp, Pirès etc!
  2. France
    Now this is across all sports, I just always support the French National Team in almost everything: Football, Basketball, Athletics...you name it! I think that's down to the players that were in the Arsenal team when I was younger. I just remember being so invested in the 2006 World Cup and wanting France to win simply because they had Thierry Henry in their team (one of my favourite athletes ever!) and that just kind of spilt over into other sports.
  3. Rafael Nadal
    Ok, so he isn't a team but supporting Rafa Nadal along with some other fans sure does make it feel that way despite him playing in an individual sport. His sheer determination is something I really admire and value. You think of "Nadal" and the words/phrases 'fighter,' 'mental strength,' 'never say die,' etc. are always associated with his name. He's now facing his biggest challenge...2016 awaits. Expect more lists on this subject, I'm a tad bit obsessed...but I would prefer to say: passionate!