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  1. Legend says that the British kingdom will fall if ravens leave the Tower of London.
  2. Ravens were once slaughtered as pests.
  3. Ravens are the world’s largest perching birds and North America’s largest songbird.
  4. Ravens have been observed undoing Velcro fasteners and unzipping zippers to steal food.
  5. Ravens sometimes take snow baths and fluff around in fresh powder just for fun.
  6. Ravens cache extra food, digging holes with their beaks and dropping morsels in.
  7. A flock of ravens is called an “unkindness.”
  8. According to some Native Americans, Raven made the Earth, the heavens, and all living things.
  9. Ravens follow predators’ tracks to a fresh kill.
  10. Ravens will tug on eagles’ tail feathers to distract them and steal a bite.