A butter-yellow seahorse in motion, a crab in a nest of eggs, and a shark biting down on a turtle are all among the undersea sights captured by the winners of the 2016 Underwater Photographer of the Year contest. (Full story: http://on.natgeo.com/1Ruaijz)
  1. Pilot Whales
    A pod of pilot whales turns to check out photographer Greg Lecoeur as he dives in the Mediterranean. "I was very lucky to find them," Lecoeur says. (Photo by Greg Lecoeur)
  2. Icebreaker
    Ice hovers in the clear springtime ocean near Greenland. The sight of the colossus, pitted and streaked with hairline cracks, made Tobias Friedrich forget about the 28°F (2°C) water. (Photo by Tobias Friedrich)
  3. Gold
    This image of a seahorse in Italy’s Gulf of Trieste earned Davide Lopresti the Underwater Photographer of the Year award. Judge Martin Edge describes the composition as “shot to perfection.” (Photo by Davide Lopresti)
  4. Pelagic Octopus at Night
    American photographer Helen Brierley used a narrow light beam to find this ethereal, tiny octopus in the darkness of the open ocean. (Photo by Helen Brierley)
  5. Timeless Moment
    While diving in a lake in Palau, Behnaz Afsahi photographed this lone jellyfish, which had become separated from the thousands of others around it. (Photo by Behnaz Afsahi)
  6. USS Kittiwake Shipwreck
    Susannah Snowden-Smith uses a fellow diver and a passing school of jacks to show the scale of the 251-foot-long ship, which was scuttled to create an artificial reef in the Grand Cayman Islands in 2011. (Photo by Susannah H. Snowden-Smith)
  7. Crunch
    A great white shark turns on a turtle that was trying to nab a nearby tuna from the predator. “The shark spit the turtle out, and the turtle swam away,” recalls photographer Theresa Guise. (Photo by Theresa A. Guise)
  8. Torrent
    Hungry jacks and tarpon send a school of silversides into a frenzy near a reef cave. Susannah Snowden-Smith took this long exposure near the Cayman Islands. (Photo by Susannah H. Snowden-Smith)
  9. Safe Haven
    Young cod seek refuge in the tentacles of a jellyfish off the coast of Plymouth, England. “I have never seen so many fish crammed into such small jellies,” says photographer Cathy Lewis. (Photo by Cathy Lewis)
  10. Shanny
    Mark Thomas caught this shanny, Lipophrys pholis, peeking out of its hiding place. This common European shallow-water fish often rewards divers patient enough to wait for a close-up. (Photo by Mark N. Thomas)
  11. Friend or Foe?
    Dan Bolt, named U.K. Underwater Photographer of the Year for a separate entry, caught this long-clawed porcelain crab on a nest of fish eggs. (Photo by Dan Bolt)