15 Pictures of Cute, Cuddly Animals Playing in the Snow

Pandas play, polar bears wrestle, and walruses chillax in these photos from our archives. (Full story: http://bit.ly/2ioUgSg)
  1. Rolling Around
    Giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian play in the snow at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Taylor Kennedy, National Geographic)
  2. Alpha on Ice
    A pack of gray wolves interact in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. (Photo by Jim and Jamie Dutcher, National Geographic)
  3. Hoofprints in the Snow
    A herd of caribou runs through Canada’s Wapusk National Park. (Photo by Suzi Eszterhas, National Geographic)
  4. Growing Pains
    Two young polar bears train for adulthood by play-fighting in Churchill, Canada. (Photo by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic)
  5. Going the Distance
    A sled dog team competes in Alaska’s 2007 Anchorage Fur Rendezvous races. (Photo by Design Pics Inc, National Geographic)
  6. Peek-a-Boo
    A Siberian tiger peeks its head out of the snow. This type of tiger lives mostly in eastern Russia, but can also be found in China and North Korea. (Photo by Maresa Pryor)
  7. Hot Tub Time
    A group of Japanese macaques—also known as “snow monkeys”—soak in a hot spring in Japan’s Jigokudani Monkey Park. (Photo by Tim Laman, National Geographic)
  8. Whoop Whoop
    Whooper swans make their characteristic “whooping” sounds in Japan. (Photo by Tim Laman)
  9. Dinner Time
    A red fox pounces on its prey in Manitoba, Canada. (Photo by Norbert Rosing)
  10. Just Chillin'
    Walruses relax on an ice floe near Canada’s South Hampton Island. If any of these walruses are pregnant, they deserve to chill out: their gestation can last up to 16 months. (Photo by Norbert Rosing)
  11. End of the Flight
    Cranes come in for a landing on Japan’s Hokkaido Island. (Photo by Tim Laman)
  12. Friend of the X-Men
    A wolverine eats a caribou carcass—sometimes digging its foot under the ice to get to the meat—in the Yukon territory of Canada. (Photo by Peter Mather)
  13. Out Cold
    Arctic ground squirrels hibernate at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. (Photo by Joel Satore, National Geographic)
  14. Into the Wild
    An arctic fox crosses a desolate Canadian snowscape. (Photo by Norbert Rosing)
  15. Plunging In
    Adelie penguins leap off of an iceberg near Antarctica’s Paulet Island. These birds usually begin to swim on their own when they are only nine weeks old. (Photo by Colin Monteath, National Geographic)